Why We Need to Build the SHAN Office

For more than 27 years, the Shan Herald Agency for News (SHAN) has risen up to the challenges that stood along its path to present genuine news for the people. Embracing its founding motto: “The Voice of SHAN, The Voice of the People,” it has been able to provide news for 1.5 million readers per months. Currently, we tirelessly produce multimedia platform including online daily news in English, Shan and Burmese; TV news; monthly magazine; and a 24 hour online radio program.

The aim is for each and all the people to achieve equal rights, a federal democratic union and uplifting of the people’s wellbeing. With this aim in mind, SHAN, since 2013, has moved to Taunggyi as a registered media organization which allows us to expand our operations and work closer with our audience. However, the problem now is our rented office is too small, too expensive and too restricted to be able to work with all our might. Thus, for SHAN to be growing larger we need a strong foundation. Therefore, we need the sizeable rooms for its news meeting, trainings, TV studio, data collection center and public relations center will boost its daily service to the people.