Nang Hseng Hsar
Nang Hseng Hsar

I once use to criticize the news agency for writing some unclear and negative news. I personal believe that the journalist is the most important person who spread the information to the people. A person could be bad or good base on the journal and article that they public. Therefore, I never thought of working with the News organization. Fortunately, I got accepted from the Shan News agency where I also follow their page on Facebook. This organization changed my point of view and wider my perspective. SHAN is a local news organization that work for the local people. It plays a very important role for the local people by standing and spreading the issue of the local. In fact, they are the representative of the local people and contain the freedom of press. This organization is different from most of the other news agency, it stands with it mission which is “to provide credible, multimedia news that is independently and professionally produced with respect for high quality journalism standards in multi languages that reflects the views of ethnic people and strengthen networking to create better understanding among all people.” 

That is why, SHAN is an organization that allow me to understand better of the local situation and why it is important to work for this society. SHAN is not only working in one issue, but it focuses on many hot issues in Myanmar, and this could help the local as well as the worker to have a better understanding of the situation in Myanmar. With the news SHAN spread to the people, it would help the local to see the update the situation in each area around Myanmar and ASEAN countries. 

I am currently working here just over one month; however, I can see the effort that each of the workers here give toward their works. To me SHAN is not just the organization and the work place, but it is like a family and a place that allow me to wider my knowledge. In my point of view, in a country where the hierarchy is high, where the younger need to respect the elderly and where the decision always come from the top, it is quite hard to find the workplace where everyone get involve in decision making but, here I found SHAN organization. SHAN is different from most of the organizations, it always aims to include everybody into the workplace. SHAN respect everyone and accept the opinion from all its members. SHAN treat all the staffs like a family member and make sure that everyone is happy in their workplace which is very important. In fact, when people are happy with their work, they would probably stay longer than a person who does not feel secure or happy. Therefore, to me SHAN is a very open organization and I am very proud to be part of SHAN. 

However, this all would not be able to last long if we do not have a sustainable project plan. And to be that, first of all, we need a proper office, the office that would allow all of the SHAN staffs to work in one place and help each other to provide the information to the local people as we mentioned in our mission. Currently, we are renting a small house but it is a bit pricy and small. We have two offices base due to our situation. The current office is very small to include all the department especially for the multi-media department which require wider space for video production. Moreover, as all of our staffs came from different township and due to the security issue, family concern and low of budget, all the staffs are allowed to stay at the office. In addition, instead of using the money to rent the house we could use that budget to hire more staff or train our staff. By doing that, it would help to improve the work of SHAN as well as create a job opportunity for the local young people as well. Moreover, this office base would be the main information store which allow the local people to access all the time. We want to form a strong media and be a representative of the local people to present their voice into the State level.  Therefore, SHAN office is not only a work place but it is also a home for all the staffs which aim to help our people with our strong mission. We believe that SHAN is strongly need the office.


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