“Bricks for the Herald” dinner party

On 3 March 2019, the Shan Herald Agency for News (SHAN) threw a “Bricks for the Herald” dinner party in Taunggyi to raise funds. It was joined by some 60 dignitaries including the Speaker of the Shan State Assembly.

Others were business people, hotel owners, factory owners, social activists, politicians and university students.

“Bricks for the Herald” dinner party

Sao Somchai (Sao Zawmzai) State Minister for Municipalities, though unable to make his presence, had made personal contribution as well as preparing legal documents for the plot of land where the SHAN new office is to be established.

On the next day, SHAN was received by the Venerable Sao Sukhaminda at the Parahita Loilong School in Taunggyi and donated K 1 million. Altogether the amount of the donations has run up to K 15 million.


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